2 Week Mark

Today marks two weeks of training for the Whidbey Half Marathon.  Last week I had a really great start thanks to a good friend.  It’s always very encouraging to run with someone else.  I met up with a friend and we hit up some trails at Fort Ebey State Park.  Best part of that run was heading back to the cars.  Needless to say all we had, was a small flashlight.  Maybe it’s time for me to invest in a headlamp.  Rest of the weeks runs went by pretty quick.  I had a couple 4 milers and a few 3 milers.  I did notice a little break through last week.  I noticed my pace jump up some. I’ve notice I can keep about a 9:30 pace pretty comfortable.  Maybe my thoughts of running the half in 2hrs is obtainable?  One needs to have goals right?

Todays run was a 5 miler.  It was hard to get up this morning and go.  I’m kind of thinking it was because of all the food I ate at the Superbowl party.  But as always, I so very glad I did.  Temp was about 32 degrees.  I don’t even want to think of what it was in the shade.  So glad the sun was shinning nice and bright today.  If you want to see my route and stats of today’s run click HERE.


Day 7

Yesterday was an off day. So that makes today number 7.  It was another 3 miles run.  Today when I was about at 3/4 of a mile I really started to feel good.  Not sluggish or having to find the motivation.  What was nice is it stayed this way throughout the rest of the run.  When I hit the 3 mile mark I really felt like I could keep going.  That is really good.  Tomorrow is a 4 mile run, I am really looking forward to.



Training Day 4 & 5

Day 4:

Playing a little catch up on my logs.  Day 4 was very nice.  It was a little bit of a split run.  I meet up with a couple of guys on Thursdays for coffee.  Generally I will run to the meeting and then run home.  Usually the run home is the long one.  Well I switch it up a bit.  I did a couple of miles before the meeting.  After I finished up my daily training with a total of 3 miles.


Day 5:

Today was a very very hard run.  Not in the terms of difficult terrain or lots of hills, speed work.  Nope none of that.  I was very hard to get up the motivation to run this morning.  I got it done though. Another 3 mile run.



Day 3 (Half Marathon Training)

Day 3 of training.  Today was an evening run.  For the next 12 weeks most of my Wednesday runs are going to be in the evening.  It’ll be nice though cause it’ll switch up the routine a little bit.  So the run tonight felt great.  Distance was 3 miles.  You might be curious as to where day 2 went.  Well day 2 is a rest/cross train day.  I probably will not be posting anything on these days.  This may help me to keep on track of logging just my runs and writing about them.  Seems like a certain fitness logging program is having issues tonight.  Not going to waste anymore time.  I will post a link as soon as it comes up.



Signed Up…..(switching gears)

Well I’ve done it. I’ve finally signed up for a running event.  I have been running continuous for almost 19 months.  It’s been great and feels amazing in so many ways.  Some of my friends have started asking “when are you going to run a Marathon”.  I always answer with a generic “ahhh I don’t know that I could” or ” that’s not why I started running”.  Finally the time has come I signed up for my first Half Marathon.  Date is set for April 13th.  Location is right here at home.  Yes you guessed it, it’s the Whidbey Island Half/Full Marathon.  I am very nervous, yet very excited.  This means 12 week training started today Jan. 20th.  I am going to try and keep somewhat of a reflection journal of my training process.  So I hope you don’t mind reading about pains, aches, grumbles, ups, downs, and weird rambling that I think of while I run. As they say “Runners take your mark”.

Day 1:

Still trying to figure out how to show a picture of my route via garmin connect.  Until then I suppose I will just post a link to map my run.  Run started off kind of sluggish.  I had to focus really hard to get off my toes.  I just took two days off cause my calves were killing me.  Only thing I can assume is I’ve been running on my toes.  When I was nearing mile 4 I really started to feel good.  I honestly wanted to keep going. I know if I had I would have regretted it later.  So Day 1 of training is done.  On to the next run.



Two Rides same week!!

Yup it been some time since I’ve been on the bike. I had a chance this week to go for two rides. I gotta say it was awesome. First ride I did ended up being 26 mile. I ventured south of my normal riding area. Hit some hills that were very challenging. Overall a great experience. It’s always nice when, with who you ride, is encouraging. Here is a link to the stats on that ride: http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/353624273

Second ride ended up being a little wet. Still a great ride not as many miles. But I felt better about my riding. I felt like it had improved a little bit. “If we aren’t pushing ourselves we are not growing”. Here is the link to this route if you want to check out the stats: http://www.mapmyride.com/workout/355834157

With all the running miles I’ve been putting in, I feel like it’s also helping my cycling.


It’s been to long

As the wheels turn so does life.  A lot of new changes have been going on since I last posted anything.  But I have a new motivation by a few people that I have met at my new job (which if really amazing).  Changes include Minimalist running, New job, Weight loss, Camping ect.  I hope to update more later.  Until then you can amuse yourself with visiting a couples website I met recently.  These folks (Rachel and Nick) are taking on the challenge of cycling from Anacortes Washington to Bar Harbor, ME.  Help me encourage Rachel and Nick by reading more here.  Until next time keep the wheels rolling.

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